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Where interdisciplinary researchers, artists and above all queer-thinkers share their insights into the worlds of anonymity, anonymous configurations and maybe not-anymoreanonymous reconfigurations of our world. Social anthropologists, sociologists, media scientists, art historians and artists join forces to approach the topic from different perspectives, based on their current fieldwork in the UK, the US and Germany. In the journal they approach their material from new perspectives, take you on a trip through their work or share fragments, findings and thoughts.

Why? Because anonymity is considered one of the most fundamental cultural formations of modernity. At present, current and future media, information, identification and surveillance technologies contributed to the change of the way we imagine and practice anonymity. Against the backdrop of this enormous change and its (not only socio-political) impact, empirically grounded and complex research on the topic is disturbingly scarce even though there are many far-reaching questions to be answered.

This is what the „Reconfiguring Anonymity“ Project and Research Group is bound to change. The transdisciplinary endeavour aims to produce new insights into regimes of maintaining, modifying or abandoning anonymity in contemporary, hybrid online-offline worlds. Because we stick to the idea of sharing knowledge and producing it in collaboration, we bring together experts, programmers and artists. Finally we want to provide a basis for future political and legal engagements with the topic of anonymity.

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