Under the title „Politics of Anonymity“ and with the collaboration of our curators and researchers Andreas Broeckmann and Daniela Silvestrin an artistic research event will take place on March 2nd, 2018 in Paris.

Politics of Anonymity

„Its aim is to look at the social dynamics, productivity as well as dangers of anonymity through the lens of artistic research. In a round of presentations and discussions, it presents and brings into dialogue actors, methods, and strategies that look into different ways of how the social and performative aspects of anonymity — invisible by its very nature — can be “materialised” and made visible by way of artistic research, employing means such as investigative research, mapping, indexing and archiving, as well as digging into the logics that govern computing and algorithms at the core of tax evasion and offshore banking strategies.“ [extraction from the event website]

Event organized in collaboration between Re-Configuring Anonymity and the Gaité Lyrique, Paris.

Bureau d’études
Stephane Degoutin, Vadim Bernard, Martin de Bie (and students of EnsAD)
Andreas Broekmann, Daniela Silvestrin (“Reconfiguring Anonymity” / Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany)