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This is one of the questions alongside which the current issue #8 of LIMN explores issues around online-„security“, cyber hacks and digital-leaks especially regarding their transformative potential. The self-described „scholarly magazine devoted to outlining contemporary problems“ features contributions also by members of the „Reconfiguring-Anonymity-Group“, namely Götz Bachmann and Paula Bialski.

For readers interested in not-only-academic contributions this issue might be especially interesting due to its boundary-crossing approach in writing and researching: this comprises Sci-Fi-Writing by Cory Doctorow, Bialski’s and Bachmann’s insights directly drawn from the field and work inspired by activism,e.g.  by Gabriella Coleman among others.


Have a click and get drawn into the worlds of hacktivism, cyber warfare, leaks and breaches, all the buzz around security and the probable impossibility of anonymity.