Discussion Paper: Disentangling Anonymity and Privacy

We invite comments and feedback on the following discussion paper, which has been put forward by members from the Anonymity Project Group. ANON-Discussion Paper No. 1: Disentangling Anonymity and Privacy. Theoretical reflections in the light of the conceptual history of both terms. Authors: Gertraud Koch & Anna Henke (SP 3) Anonymity and privacy are subjects […]

Ephemera Special Issue on Anonymity, featuring Anon-Researchers

In a process that started decades ago, a multiplicity of forces is creating a slow, but steadily rising storm against anonymity. Discourses of transparency and accountability often describe anonymity as a threat. Technologies such as the IP-address-based Internet, sensory devices, and machine learning techniques further undermine anonymous encounters. In an age of near ubiquitous surveillance […]

Alexandra Waligorski on data masks and mugshots

RCA-associate researcher Alexandra Waligorski has just published an article (in German) that reviews current artistic practices that reflect on masking and transparency: Alexandra Waligorski: „Datenmasken und Mugshots. Maskierung als künstlerische Praxis in einer transparenten Gesellschaft.“ in Kritische Berichte, Heft 1.2016, „Ästhetik(en) des Widerstands“, S. 8-19.