Call for Abstracts for Issue #6 (Winter 2018): Surveillance Cultures

Guest editors: Wolfgang Hallet, Wibke Schniedermann This special issue of On_Culture charts the fundamental changes in cultural agency brought about by expansion, digitalization, and de-materialization of surveillance technologies. These developments penetrate every-day experiences down to the most quotidian and unconscious practices as well as the very materiality of the affected bodies. As a growing performative […]

What does it mean to be a hacker these days? Anon Resarchers contribute to LIMN Issue #8

This is one of the questions alongside which the current issue #8 of LIMN explores issues around online-„security“, cyber hacks and digital-leaks especially regarding their transformative potential. The self-described „scholarly magazine devoted to outlining contemporary problems“ features contributions also by members of the „Reconfiguring-Anonymity-Group“, namely Götz Bachmann and Paula Bialski. For readers interested in not-only-academic […]

cfp: The Anthropology of Whistleblowing

Is Edward Snowden a traitor? Or a hero? Is his disloyality to a sovereign power to be seen as anti-totalitarian resistance? Or does whistleblowing risk a dangerous system implosion? Do we actually want the system to implode? Those are critical, political questions that have arisen with the cases of Snowden and Assange, but that are […]

Special Issue: The social productivity of anonymity

Some members of our research group are involved in editing a special issue of  the Organization Studies journal „Ephemera“: The Social Productivity of Anonymity. The submission deadline has passed, publishing date is some time in mid-2016. Issue Editors: Götz Bachmann, Michi Knecht and Andreas Wittel.    

Forschungsprojekt untersucht Wandel der Anonymität

Interdisziplinäres Forschungsprojekt „Re-Configuring Anonymity – Contemporary Forms of Reciprocity, Identifiability and Accountability in Transformation“ („Re-Konfigurationen von Anonymität: Reziprozität, Identifizierbarkeit und Verantwortlichkeit im Umbruch“, Zusammenfassung) Gefördert im Programm „Schlüsselthemen für Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft“ der VolkswagenStiftung. Laufzeit: 1. Juli 2015 bis 31. Dezember 2018 Beteiligte Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler