„Habt keine Angst, wir stehen alle zusammen“

Interview mit Parastou zur Lage im Iran und ihrem Verfahren. Die deutsch-iranische Künstlerin Parastou Forouhar kämpft seit Jahren für die Aufklärung der Morde an ihren Eltern, dem Politikerehepaar Dariush und Parvaneh Forouhar. Ende 2017 verurteilte ein Gericht in Teheran Parastou Forouhar wegen ihrer Kunstwerke zu sechs Jahren Haft auf Bewährung. Ein Parlamentarier versprach daraufhin, die […]

Call for Abstracts for Issue #6 (Winter 2018): Surveillance Cultures

Guest editors: Wolfgang Hallet, Wibke Schniedermann This special issue of On_Culture charts the fundamental changes in cultural agency brought about by expansion, digitalization, and de-materialization of surveillance technologies. These developments penetrate every-day experiences down to the most quotidian and unconscious practices as well as the very materiality of the affected bodies. As a growing performative […]

Discussion Paper: Disentangling Anonymity and Privacy

We invite comments and feedback on the following discussion paper, which has been put forward by members from the Anonymity Project Group. ANON-Discussion Paper No. 1: Disentangling Anonymity and Privacy. Theoretical reflections in the light of the conceptual history of both terms. Authors: Gertraud Koch & Anna Henke (SP 3) Anonymity and privacy are subjects […]

What does it mean to be a hacker these days? Anon Resarchers contribute to LIMN Issue #8

This is one of the questions alongside which the current issue #8 of LIMN explores issues around online-„security“, cyber hacks and digital-leaks especially regarding their transformative potential. The self-described „scholarly magazine devoted to outlining contemporary problems“ features contributions also by members of the „Reconfiguring-Anonymity-Group“, namely Götz Bachmann and Paula Bialski. For readers interested in not-only-academic […]

cfp: The Anthropology of Whistleblowing

Is Edward Snowden a traitor? Or a hero? Is his disloyality to a sovereign power to be seen as anti-totalitarian resistance? Or does whistleblowing risk a dangerous system implosion? Do we actually want the system to implode? Those are critical, political questions that have arisen with the cases of Snowden and Assange, but that are […]